Betty Allen MASCD Endowment Fund
On the occasion of MASCD’s 30th anniversary in 2002 and to ensure its fiscal viability for the future, MASCD established an endowment to support its mission of promoting quality teaching and learning for all.
In 2003 MASCD named the Endowment Fund for Betty Allen who died while serving as president. Betty was Superintendent of Schools in Danvers, MA and a dynamic educational leader. The Betty Allen MASCD Endowment Fund will enable the continuation ofMASCD services as well as the development of new opportunities to serve educators in the Commonwealth.
We invite you to contribute. Gifts to the Betty Allen MASCD Endowment fund can come in any form.

Outright Gifts

Cash gifts are the simplest and most popular type of charitable contribution. A cash gift is considered to be made onthe date it is delivered or postmarked. Cash contributions are deductible up to 50% of the donor’s adjusted gross income. Any excess may be carried over for up to five years.

Cash gifts may be made by check or by credit card.

Planned Gifts & Wills

Making gifts through your will is one of the simplest and most realistic ways for many people to make a significant contribution to Massachusetts ASCD. A bequest can be made by creating a new will or adding a codicil to your present language.

Contributions through a will or grantor (self-trusteed) trust have become a key part of philanthropy in the United States. This type of gift allows an individual to make major contributions that are, in many cases, larger than those possible during the donor’s life.

Gifts of IRA or Other Retirement Assets

A fast-growing area of planned giving is in gifts of IRA, 401(K) plan, or other retirement asset. A donor may specify Massachusetts ASCD as the designated beneficiary of his/her retirement account. Upon his/her death, the donor’s estate receives a charitable deduction from estate taxes and all of the income tax in respect of the IRA, 401 (K), or other retirement plan.

Gifts of Tangible Personal Property

Gifts of tangible personal may be acceptable if, after review by the Board of MASCD, the gift is deemed appropriate. Review of appropriateness may include considerations of the marketability, accuracy of the donor-provided appraisal, potential uses in furthering Massachusetts ASCD’s operations and capability to insure and safeguard personal property pending a sale.

Thank you to all who contribute.