MASCD Publications
MASCD produces both print and media publications. Members receive full access to these publications online and receive print publications via U.S. mail; others may access selected articles and features online, or may join MASCD for full membership privileges.
MASCD Perspectives, FOCUS and Speaks are licensed under the Creative Commons Copyright License 3.0. Proper attribution to Massachusetts ASCD must be included on all copies distributed, as well as the Creative Commons license information cited above. For hard-copy reprints or other copyright questions, please contact

Perspectives, FOCUS and Speaks are publications of MASCD, not ASCD, and do not necessarily reflect the views of ASCD. Opinions expressed by the authors are not necessarily those of Massachusetts ASCD. Mention of products or resources within articles in no way constitutes Massachusetts ASCD endorsement.

Print publications include:

An award-winning, thematic quarterly journal featuring articles by educators and researchers from across the state, plus association news and details about upcoming professional development opportunities.

A periodic publication designed to educate members on a current or pressing topic and to convey recommendations and perspective from the association.

A responsive, occasional one-page publication to inform both members and legislators of the association’s position on particularly timely topics.

Media publications include:

Commentary from our Perspectives authors that complements and extends their print-based articles.

  • Blogs

Response from MASCD authors to members’ questions and comments – an opportunity to develop deeper and more context-specific understandings of core concepts and recommendations described in our print publications.

  • Discussion Boards
Open-ended opportunities for members to ask questions of each other, share resources, and pursue discussion of current educational issues.
  • Member Surveys

Periodic opportunities for members to contribute their ideas to future MASCD publications.