Resolution Campaign

Whole Child Resolution Campaign

MASCD is sponsoring a campaign to generate grassroots support for educating the whole child. The goal is for local communities, schools, statewide associations and the legislature to pass a Whole Child Resolution and to identify an action plan. Watch for more details on the campaign. When you pass the resolution, let us know by contacting


WHEREAS, the children of Massachusetts will provide the leadership, creativity, and productivity to strengthen and sustain the quality of life in our nation, state, and community long into the future;

WHEREAS, Massachusetts must make available to its children the necessary resources and supports that school and community partnerships provide to ensure their success in schools, workplaces and neighborhoods.

WHEREAS, each child in Massachusetts has the right to preventive health care and the social services needed to thrive in school;

WHEREAS, each child in Massachusetts has the right to live and learn in a safe environment;

WHEREAS, each child in Massachusetts has the right to a balanced curriculum that promotes intellectual and civic engagement, creativity, physical activity and wellness;

WHEREAS, each child in Massachusetts has a right to skilled professional educators who teach, challenge, nurture and advise them;

WHEREAS, each child in Massachusetts must be able to demonstrate academic achievement in the core subjects and the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary for success in the 21st century;

WHEREAS, each child’s success in Massachusetts should be measured by a comprehensive assessment system that promotes a broad education, high expectations, and 21st century skills; measures achievement and growth; addresses varied learning styles; and includes state and local assessments.


WHEREAS, the people of Massachusetts want to do better for our children;

THEREFORE, Massachusetts resolves to support the Whole Child Initiative through its actions and through encouragement of others in Massachusetts to ensure that all of our children are safe, healthy, engaged, supported, and academically challenged.

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